Tracheal Tube Fixation Device (non-sterile)
Tracheal tube fixation device (non-sterile)
Intended Use
The Fortune tracheal tube fixation device (hereinafter referred to as the fixer) is intended to be used to secure a tracheal tube in an appropriate position. It is easy to operate and enhances patient comfort.
1.    Easy to operate: quick to mount; efficiently prevents biting of the tube.
2.   The anti-ulceration pad reduces the risk of ulcerated lips. 
3.   Smaller and shorter than artificial airways, the fixer’s small size reduces the risk of damage to the patient’s oral cavity.
4.   The fixer’s adjustable strap reduces the risk of skin damage. The strap is designed with patient comfort in mind.
Product Specification
Fortune Tracheal tube size
1520 series, 1525 series, 1530 series, 1535 series, 1540 series, 1545 series, 1550 series, 1555 series. 0055 24FR
0060 26FR
0065 28FR
0070 30FR
0075 32FR
0080 34FR
0085 36FR