Fortune® Silicone Gastrostomy Catheter:
- 100% medical grade silicone for superior biocompatibility.
- Proper softness and excellent flexibility for enhanced patient comfort.
- Transparent tube allows for easy visual inspection. Radiopaque allows for confirmation the position of tube.
Depth marking for identification of the tube position.
- Wide open-rounded end improves flow and minimizes trauma on insertion.
- Shortened tip design reduces gastric mucosa irritation.
- Funnel with several inner sealing o-ring for other device connecting universally.
- Attached plug for secured sealing to avoid air entering and contamination.
- External Bolster prevents tube migration and eliminates the needs for tape or suture.
It is not easily visible when wearing normal clothes and is more comfortable.
- Universal medication port.
- Latex/DEHP free.



Gastrostomy Catheter:  
 REF.No.  Size Balloon volume  Length Depth marking X-RAY Bolster
2019-0012 12FR 5-10cc 255 mm 2
yes yes
2019-0014 14FR
2019-0016 16FR 10-20cc
2019-0018 18FR 15-20cc
2019-0020 20FR
2019-0022 22FR
2019-0024 24FR
2019-0026 26FR
2019-0028 28FR