Silicone Gastrostomy Catheter with ENFit Connector

–  The silicone gastrostomy catheter with ENFit connector is soft and flexible, It includes a silicone bolster, a silicone balloon, and silicone tri-ports connector.

–  These components are medical grade silicone for enhancing patient comfort and superior biocompatibility; It can reduce the discomfort contact with the tube.

–  The ENFit connector can prevent the misconnection risk, and provide a safer feed and medication channel for the patient.

–  In the use of the ENFit gastrostomy catheter, this product must be matched with the ENFit syringe or the ENFit female connector of the feeding device to use.

REF. No. Size Balloon volume Length Depth marking Description
2019-0512 12FR 5-10cc 256 mm 2
– Silicone Bolster
– ENFit Male Connector*2
– ENFit Female Cap*2
– FEED Feeding
– MED Medication
– Depth Marking
– X-Ray Opaque Line
2019-0514 14FR
2019-0516 16FR 10-20cc
2019-0518 18FR 15-20cc
2019-0520 20FR
2019-0522 22FR
2019-0524 24FR
2019-0526 26FR
2019-0528 28FR