Nasogastric Tube with ENFit Connector

– The nasogastric tube has assembly the ENFit male connector and ENFit female cap when the feeding is stopped. The ENFit female cap can be close by rotated clockwise to prevent the air into the stomach.

– The ENFit connector can prevent the misconnection risk, and provide a safer feeding and medication channel for the patient.


REF. No. Size Length Description
2020-0506 6FR 400 mm – ENFit Male Connector
– ENFit Female Cap
– Size Marking
– Depth Marking
– X-Ray Opaque Line
2020-0508 8FR 800 mm
2020-0510 10FR
2020-0512 12FR 1200 mm
2020-0514 14FR
2020-0516 16FR
2020-0518 18FR
2020-0520 20FR