New Product – Launch videos for “Fortune” Instrument Mat


Fortune Medical is a silicone medical device manufacturer committed to using  medical grade silicone. We design products that are different from those already on the market.

This time, we took advantage of one of the special characteristics of silicone in the design of two types of mats that can hold surgical instruments firmly without the use of magnets.

Currently, the mats for this purpose are mainly magnetic. To provide a transition option for medical staff who are accustomed to using magnetic mats, we have designed unique non-magnetic mats which have pockets.
These mats perform well, and are as effective as magnetic ones. We have produced a video to demonstrate this fact. However, to continue responding to the major market need, we continue to offer magnetic mats.

The provision of a range of choices can reduce the pressure of infection control in hospitals and provide safer working environments for medical staff.

Please enjoy the videos!