Proven Healthcare Provision

Our story

Fortune® Medical Instrument Corporation is a family-owned manufacturer in Taiwan. Our Founder, Mr. Abe Wang, started business with the industrial silicone parts in 1970s when during the rapid development period of Taiwan’s economy. Given that there were few domestic-made medical devices at the time, he set up Fortune® Medical in the 1980s and created the brand- FORTUNE® to design and manufacture silicone medical devices of high quality.

Fortune® Values

Fortune® Medical has always been striving for providing the best quality products and doing the right things- complete our production system to ensure that our product quality meets the national and international regulations.
Therefore, we have been implementing Quality management system since 1990s which keeps a record of our every procedure of production.
The system is the best tool for maintaining our product variety and enhancing the OEM/ODM services quality. This is also our greatest weapon to face the fast- changing market.


Our mission and passion is to make Fortune® Medical a globalized company providing a wide range of product lines and also fulfill our customers’ needs around the world.
Consequently with the years of growth, we have started constructing the second factory in 2020 and it is estimated to be finished in 2022. This is the best chance to provide more competitive products to our customers.
Our reform is never stop!