Silicone Gastric Tube, Detachable Type


Patients with severe dysphagia commonly require a nasogastric (NG) tube for feeding and the administration of medication in order to avoid malnutrition or aspiration pneumonia. However, the external tubing of an NG tube can embarrass patients due to its unsightliness, disrupt patients’ daily activities (e.g. cause sleeping disorders), and may even interfere with treatments, including physical therapy, tracheal intubation or Intravenous therapy. Also, the tape that is commonly used to secure the NG tube may easily fall off and lead to unintentional removal or displacement, thus requiring repeated placement of feeding tubes, which is an unnecessary medical expense, and also a burden on the patient’s time and strength, as well as a cause of pain, discomfort, and possibly harm. Considering the above disadvantages of the typical nasogastric tube, we offer a novel detachable type of NG tube.
The two-piece NG tube allows patients to remove the external tubing after feeding, and its T-connector prevents the tube from slipping into the nasal cavity. By removing the external part, the patients will have less tubing on their faces and will feel less impeded, physically and mentally. Besides improved quality of life, using the two-piece NG tube can make health care more effective compared to using a typical NG tube; for example, the removable external tube design allows patients to wear oxygen masks without leaking. The detachable type of NG tube is clinically proven to not only improve the quality of life of dysphagic patients but also the quality of their medical care. A study of the two-piece nasogastric tube has been published in a medical journal. [1]
[1] Feasibility of a novel two-piece nasogastric feeding tube for patients with dysphagia, Sen-Yung Liu, Chao-Pin Yang, Ta-Sen Wei, Yen-Chun Chen, Chih-Hao Liang,Ching-Hsuan Wu, Chih-Lin Chen, Tsung-Ju Wu, Singapore Med J 2013; 54(4): 227-230. (SCI)
– The two-piece NG tube wins 11th Taiwan National Innovation Award.


1.  Detachable type
l Discrete appearance eliminates patient embarrassment.
l Low risk of accidental extubation.
l Fewer re-intubations reduces the risk of harm to patients.
l Eliminating the distal tube makes it easier for patients to move around.
2. X-ray-opaque line for easy and accurate confirmation of tube position by X-ray
3. Transparent tube for easy visual inspection.
4. Depth markings for convenient confirmation of the tube position.
5. Attached silicone plugs for both proximal and distal tubes ensure easy sealing, exclude air and prevent contamination when the patient is not feeding.
6. Silicone plugs reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
7. Soft, tapered tip for easy intubation.
8. Convenient for delivering nutritional supplements.
9. Sterilized packaging.

A. The two-piece NG tube allows patients to removethe external tubing after feeding.
B. T-connector prevents the tube from slipping into the nasal cavity.
C. The patients will have less tubing on their faces and will feel less impeded, physically and mentally.



Silicone Gastric Tube, Detachable Type
REF. No. Size Insertion length
2020-5514 14FR 55cm
2020-5516 16FR
2020-6014 14FR 60cm
2020-6016 16FR
2020-6514 14FR 65cm
2020-6516 16FR
2020-7014 14FR 70cm
2020-7016 16FR
2020-7514 14FR 75cm
2020-7516 16FR
Optional Accessory
REF. No. Size Description
2020-9001 Universal PP, Transparent