Patented Integrated Balloon Design’s Foley Catheter With Fixpad® Anchoring Device


For years, patient comfort is a primary focus of our goals of patient care.
We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand new product!

“Fortune” Urological catheter with FixPad®

The package includes two products, Silicone Foley Integrated balloon catheters, and FixPad® Anchoring devices. When placing Foley catheter, medical staffs can take out a FixPad® from package and using it together.

The reason we select our patented integrated balloon design’s Foley catheter is because the integrated balloon allows patient to greatly reduce discomfort when inserting the catheter.
FixPad® anchoring device provides sufficient support for the catheter, allowing patient to move easily. Waterproof design allows patient to shower with confidence.
Therefore, providing this combination means a lot to patient. The patient will feel comfortable during the whole process and free to move after finish aforementioned process.

Note 1: Integrated balloon with a smooth surface to effectively reduce discomfort during insertion and withdraw.

Note 2: Applicable to the round catheter products, the outer diameter is between 3mm to 12mm (that is, 9FR to 36FR) or an equal circumference catheter.


Foley Integrated Balloon Catheter
REF.NO Size Balloon Length Description
4822-0512 12FR 5~10cc/ml 420mm – Integrated balloon

– X-ray opaque line

4822-0514 14FR
4822-0516 16FR
4822-0518 18FR
4822-0520 20FR
4822-0522 22FR
4822-0524 24FR
4822-0526 26FR


Foley Integrated Balloon Catheter, Long-Term balloon
REF.NO Size Balloon Length Description
4833-0512 12FR 5~10cc/ml 420mm – Integrated, long term balloon
– X-ray opaque line
4833-0514 14FR
4833-0516 16FR
4833-0518 18FR
4833-0520 20FR
4833-0522 22FR
4833-0524 24FR
4833-0526 26FR


Silicone 2-Way Foley Integrated Balloon Catheter Sets
REF.NO Size Balloon Length Description
4822-3512 12FR 5~10cc/ml 420mm – Integrated balloon
– X-ray opaque line
– FixPad® anchoring
4822-3514 14FR
4822-3516 16FR
4822-3518 18FR
4822-3520 20FR
4822-3522 22FR
4822-3524 24FR
4822-3526 26FR


Fortune Fixpad® Anchoring Device
REF.NO Size Outer Diameter
1800-0005 106×65 mm 3mm to 12mm (9FR to 36FR)